Dress like a Venetian in summer

It’ll be August soon, and that means for Venice, we’re in for the most crowded MONTH of the year. From the last weeks of June you could notice the veritable onslaught in the sense that so many people flock to Venice. You might want to escape that. Plus, the fashion trends created by tourists that are getting ever more “colorful”. We’ve seen the latest beachwear and picnic fashion come to town yet again. Also during the Redentore Feast. I noticed that most just do it out of negligence. Or just because they’re in holiday mood.

What Venetians notice is that unfortunately, many guests seem to take Venice for a sort of Disneyland or even beach. Like in the years before, we can see all the latest “sort of casual beachwear” brought to town from outside. Residents have been detesting  that “trend” for quite some time. Quietly first. But they’ve become more outspoken in the last two years. There is even a Facebook Page and Website called Venice Summer Outfits – very useful if you want to know what NOT to wear in Venice in summer.

2015-06-29 13.25.46

Now, for a change – have a look at what Venetians are wearing in their town in summer. If you’re in Venice for the first time in summer or even the first time ever, you will wonder what’s really useful and cool. Like the light ballerina that make you fly through town 🙂

2015-06-28 19.47.59

Casual summer wear is the answer for the tourist, of course. But what does Italian chic casual summer wear mean? You can see an example in the picture below. We wear rather tight fitting gowns. Could be one color, or soft stripes. And we need elegant yet capient bags when shopping (no plastic bags).

2015-06-28 19.31.48

When we take a day off in our own town, we choose comfortable wear that doesn’t need to be expensive. But it does enable us to go for walks during the summer heat. You can copy this style, and in particular, take note of the following suggestions.

The shoes you wear in summer are probably most important.

Otherwise, it would be hell going on with your soles aching. So in summer and whenever we go for long walks, we choose flat ballerinas made of soft leather. In summer, toe-free sandals are welcome of course. NEVER wear high heels in Venice for long walks – you’d die after half an hour with feet swelling in the heat, and it’s even worse for varicose veins in summer. It happened to me when I was 22 and I will never forget it, so it’s no question of your age.

La Venessiana summer wear

For a Meandering Day in town when I take lots of pictures, I love wearing a loose yet tight fitting (black) cotton top and cool summer jeans leggings. Or a sleeveless black or blue dress that doesn’t crinkle. The colors Venetians love are white, black, sometimes pale blue, turquoise and pale yellow. Strong patterns and fluorescent colors are not in vogue here. I’d also bring a light scarf which I use to wrap myself in whenever I visit  a church or museum. Or whenever I enter a bar-caffĂ© or store which tend to fully turn on the air conditioning in summer.

So now you’re ready for another summer day in Venice – like me in the picture below  đź™‚


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  1. Brava Iris!

    Pero bisognerebbe uno styleguide anche
    per uomini:
    No ai pantaloni corti
    No a canotte senza maniche!
    No ai sandali con calze
    No …..

    1. Grazie Michael! Ci vorrebbe un dress code per la cittĂ , e c’è ne uno scritto dal Comune di Venezia – lo trovi nella colonna a destra sulla mia pagina . Style guide per uomini incluso :-))

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