Venice Guide – Day Two

Your Private Venice + Lagoon Tour – Day Two

The Lagoon is such as special habitat with a long history. In case you haven’t read our post on the origins of Venice and the three cultures of the Lagoon, do click here and then return to this page.

We start Part Two of our Private Cruise in the Lagoon with a striking video. It takes us to the part that you can see in the cover image – the area around Sant’Ariano. The island Santa Cristina was one of them. It was sinking in the 14th century, its inhabitants had to leave, and then in the 17th century, it re-emerged from under the floods. Yes, the Lagoon soil is forever moving, as you can read in the first of my article collection below. So Santa Cristina is an example of how one can sustainably take care of the Lagoon. It became a luxury resort, true, but that’s how it was saved from falling apart and into oblivion. Now, Santa Cristina is above all a valuable chain in Lagoon life, a home for both plants and animals. In particular, the migratory birds stop here for a few months every year (yes, there are pink flamingos!!).

So Santa Cristina is part of the Venetian Sunset Islands. Actually it’s me who has invented this name, for when you leave Venice on a plane directed north, you cross this part of the Lagoon and during the golden hour, that is, at sunset, the barene (half-submerged islands) are so tinted gold and purple, just like you can see above.

Sant’Ariano has a special history – click here to read my post about the Venetian Sunset Islands. But first,  read our introductory article on the Lagoon here. To finish your little time-out in the Lagoon, read this post about what the Lagoon looked like in the past. Enjoy !!!! We will be the day after tomorrow with the final episode of your private Venice + Lagoon Tour! Have questions? Contact me here !

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