Your Venice Guide - Day Two How the Lagoon of Venice is changing & open questions

Welcome back! In this space you can find your PRIVATE TOUR OF THE LAGOON. While below you can find a link to read more articles on the Lagoon, let’s start with an example of what happened over the last decade or so. I’m talking about changes in a neutral manner, yet they are a very sensitive topic when it comes to the Lagoon islands. For centuries, each and every one of them has changed, by nature, due to natural erosion mostly. Lagoon ground is forever shifting, and sometimes the movements are so strong that man hasn’t been able to invent a solution in time to prevent the death of an island. So over the past ten years, various solutions have been implemented, amongst others, selling some islands to private investors, paying them to keep the islands in good shape. More often than not, resorts or guest houses have been built on the islands by the investors, and usually, Venetians have retained access to these public hotels. In the southern Lagoon, for example, the Venice Marriot hotel opened in 2015 on the island Sacca Sessola, abandoned for decades after a sanatorium had been closed. The new management retained the spacious park and olive tree gardens, and there are several restaurants open to both hotel guests and Venetians. The alternative lf saving islands like this would have been further decay, or a copious subsidy by the Italian State to restore the island (which was not the case). So this is a super-sensitive topic on which opinions are divided in Venice, and on the blog, we will continue presenting case studies like this to you. The “deal” is basically “handing over ownership of an island and the new owner will be responsible for restoring it, with access guaranteed to the Venetians. We will see … personally, I don’t think there’s a short-term solution, but rather one combining subsidies and other means to finance restoring the island world of the Lagoon. Take a look at the island of Santa Cristina, near Torcello in the northern Lagoon. The new owner planted orchards with forgotten fruit and grapes, next to the guesthouse.

Santa cristina - a sustainable solution for abandoned lagoon islands?

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