#3: Scoprire il mercato e le spezie

VENETIAN MARKETS.THE SPICE VOCABULARY.When spices were growing in Venice.

Today you will explore the Rialto Market. Just imagine, according to legend, it was created in 421 AD, but most probably, much earlier, about 100-200 BC. This area in the Lagoon had always played a special role.The islands were located in the center of an archipelago, large and level, on both sides of the ancient mouth of the Riva Brenta. Thus, the Rialto could be easily reached from the mainland. Soon, it became so much more than just a fruit and vegetable market. It became a financial center where the first banks in Italy opened, and investments were taken, risk management was invented on which today’s methods derive. Venice, for more than 500 years was what New York is in our times. But now we start – and we take you behind the scenes of the Rialto ! And below the video, I have prepared this link for you to read a special article on the Rialto Bridge, and why it was chosen in such a grand manner. After watching the video, click here to read more about the spice trade, from which the riches of Venice derived, and here to visit what remains today of the famous Venetian spice gardens.

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