City Guide 2020: Our Venice Guide Is Online!

We are so happy to present to you what we’ve been working on in August:

Free City Guide 2020 + Roadmap to Venice

We show you the neighborhood where Marco Polo lived, and introduce the green Venice, the secret gardens of our city. Many of them are located in Castello, not far from where we live.

And we chose the first week of September to share the guide with you, when the new season is fresh and the colors of late summer mesmerizing (despite the occasional thunderstorm). Most flowers in Venice are now blooming, including wisteria, which is enjoying its third bloom of the year! And so are the trees in a very special garden in Venice, Koelreuteria (the orange-balloon blossoms below) and Lagerstroemia (the pink blossoms in the third picture below). We will show you this special garden on the blog next week!

This weekend, we are celebrating the new season by publishing our new City Guide 2020! It’s our personal answer to the one question our guests have asked us many times: Where can I find the real Venice, beyond the crowds?

The way you visit Venice is changing, and it will be changing even more in 2020. When I started blogging in 2012, the Venice I was describing in my blog A Garden in Venice was perceived in a different way. By now, the first thing people ask me when they arrive in Venice is how is the city dealing with overtourism? My answer to this question is that we usually forget that tourists usually see just one half of the city. It means that the other fifty per cent are largely unexplored, because it consists of gardens that are private and normally not open to the public! This is what I mean when I write about the Venice behind the scenes.

This secret city holds surprising insights! As our grandmother Lina says, the time has come to share stories and insights every visitor should know before they plan their trip or sightseeing tour in Venice.

There are some hosts in Venice who will tell you these stories, and Lina is one of them. In our new guide, you can read how she introduces the city to the guests, first at her restaurants and later at her hotel. In that September when Lina first opened la terrazza – her terrace to the guests, she had many pictures taken. Here’s one from Lina’s guestbook, Mr. and Mrs. Beikirch, the first guests eating breakfast on Lina’s private terrace in September 1970.

We’re showing you this image and telling this story because we think that Venice must return to this type of hospitality: Turning tourists into guests, and taking the time to introduce the city.

That’s why we’re sharing this guide as gift for you today, in time for your weekend: The booklet (17 pages) and video guide contains everything you should know about Venice before you plan your trip.

This guide is for the first-time and frequent visitors amongst you. It’s designed for you to read and watch before you plan your trip: a roadmap to enjoy your stay and the real Venice, her positivity and strengths that always “shine” through.

This guide is the basis = roadmap for the other resources we are currently preparing, e-guides and online classes. And in all of these, we are exploring Venice along three themes: Beauty, creativity, and secret gardens.

Here’s what you receive in your City Guide 2020 + Video Roadmap:

  • Beautiful Venice: The complete picture to understand our city
  • Creative Venice: Marco Polo’s neighborhood
  • Green Venice: The secret gardens, the other half of our city not open to the public
  • Our favorite books on Venice for more inspiration
  • And finally, tips for eating and shopping in Venetian restaurants and stores
  • The recipe of the special spice cake Lina served to these guests on the terrace!

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Venice City Guide 2020

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