Capodanno a Venezia

Christmas in Venice is different. A stark contrast between green firs and red ribbons. Spicy Christmas Chocolate and Luxurious pastries flavored with blossoms and citrus fruit. Quiet time-out and canals illuminated with light chains.

Nadál a Venessia
Christmas in Venice

The Secret Christmas Season in Venice

Christmas in Venice is different. In December, you can see a city divided into parts that are sumptuously decorated and illuminated at night. What a contrast to La Venezia minore, fast asleep, with just the odd fir twig or subdued light chain. A Venice taking a deep breath after a lively year. Find a quiet place and join Venetians for a cup of Christmas coffee and cookies. Stay tuned as Venice is preparing for a secret yet opulent Christmas Feast.

christmas balls

Christmas comes slowly to Venice. This is the look & feel of early December in Venice. Day after day, the city is waking up and creating her own tradition of Christmas. Join us and read more here.


Le Luminarie is the name of the Christmas lights on Piazza San Marco. Every year, they take on a special touch. View the last few editions in this article on our Blog.

cacti per natale

Venice is wearing red for Christmas. This was Venice during Christmas time. The art of Venetian cribs (presepi) and the ancient, original Christmas Menu in the Lagoon. Online on 24 December.

palazzo ducale

My Dream Day in Venice during Advent. No crowds. Christmas Lights. Delicious rose petal tea and macarons with gold frosting. And late breakfast in a very special, impossible place. Online on 9 December.

Seasonal Gift Guides

La Venessiana’s Seasonal Gift Guide – online on 15 December.

Culinary Rialto & Market Gift Guide – online on 20 December.

L'Infiorata Venexiana

Celebrating the Festa de l#Anunziata with a 100 m²-sized carpet, made entirely of blossoms, at the Basilica della Salute. Here’s a video shopwing you the making of this flowery work of art (read more on My Christmas Venice).


My Christmas Venice is a semi-private project, bringing Christmas to the Venetian sestiere Dorsoduro. Illuminated canals, winter street food, perfumery workshops, art exhibitions, and L’infiorata flower carpet at the Basilica della Madonna della Salute. Read more…

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JoAnn Locktov is publishing a wonderful gift guide to art and design craftworks in Venice. Follow her Facebook Page here, she’s publishing one gift idea a day! 

Venezia 360 Gradi has all the news on Christmas in Venice. Events. From Christmas concerts to Artisan Exhibitions in town. Read more …

Festa della Salute_10

Enjoy a Christmas Breakfast in Venice. Join us on an early morning tour, discovering Christmas cookies, cakes, sweet focaccia and a cup of flavored Christmas chocolate! Online on 18 December in Breakfast in Venice.

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Golden Menus for the most Festive season of the year. Essenza di Natale is our annual Chrismas Menu Blog Post series on the Food Art Blog. Clicking on the right button takes you to our recommendations of restaurants and menus where you can taste Christmas and New Year Menus in Venice.

Essensa de Nadál in Cusina

It’s really hard to choose a favorite restaurant and menu for Christmas in Venice. Yet, if you love spices, you might consider lunch or dinner at Le Bistrot de Venise. They specialize in re-creating ancient recipes, so on their menu, you find dishes based on recipes of the 14th – 17th century. Below you can watch a video showing how one of these ancient recipes is prepared.


Christmas Cakes, Advent Spice Mixtures and Seasonal Soul Food. 

Discover Venetian Home & Spice Recipes in our Food & Spice Blog – La Spezeria

Like we did in the last two years, we will also send a Christmas card to our friends on 24 December. We will decide on the picture in the evening of that day, and it could be anything that virtually takes you to savor Christmas in town :-) In addition, you will get a family recipe for Christmas cookies and a little gift :-) Click below and subscribe!

Christmas Postcard from Venice