Christmas Card from Venice

Buon Natale – Bon Nadál – Merry Christmas to you !!

The real color of Christmas is green says my grandmother. She loves recalling the quiet Christmas feasts of her youth when festive decorations consisted of just a few ingredients. What was available in the Lagoon and simple decorations made from fir twigs. Real fir twigs from the mountains, not pine twigs which we also get here in the Lagoon. Today, Venetians still love the natural themed Christmas, and you can see the ingredients sold at the Rialto Market in this post on our Advent Calendar.

But as you can see when you walk around Venice tonight, away from Piazza San Marco there are still windows recalling the Green Venetian Christmas tradition of the not so far-away past. Just about 20 years ago, Venice was adorned with green fir twigs, the odd red ribbon and Christmas ball. These are pictures of Rio di San Provolo, just two bridges away from Piazza San Marco and the brightly illuminated shopping quarters. Fir twigs, and nothing else. Very quiet and light behind the curtains and window shutters. Venice is closing herself in for the night.

To see the Christmas lights right now, click for the live webcams: here to view the Christmas Tree in Piazza San Marco, and here to view the new Christmas tree on the banks of the Grand Canal, in front of the Basilica della Salute.

Click on the picture below to download the Christmas Card:

What does the family menu look like this year? On Christmas Eve, in addition to baccalà mantecà and a special risotto flavored with truffle oil, it’s fish soup and a fish platter decorated with winter salads and a citrus fruit – red beet salad. Then there are the Christmas cloud cookies whose recipe you can download below.

Click on the picture below to download the recipe:

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  1. Merry merry Christmas to you,your grandmother and your family,Iris. Your always beaitiful blog filled us with Christmas love for Venice.The Mezzanottes,GA,USA

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