Evelina, A Victorian Heroine in Venice – Life and Garden of Countess Evelina van Milligen – Pisani

This is our review of the newly published book Evelina – A Victorian Heroine in Venice. In her latest biographical novel, set in the 19th century, Rome-based writer and lecturer Judith Harris tells the compelling story of Countess Evelina van Millingen – Pisani, Constantinople, the Venetian diaspora, Veneto and Venice. And the story of Evelina’s […]

Blossoming in September – Equinox in a Venetian Moon Garden

The beginning of spring and autumn are important times from a Venetian gardener’s point of view. You need to know the laws of equinox and harness its signs. You need to recognize the changing patterns of the tides occurring during Equinox in the Lagoon if you want to be a successful gardener :-) In this […]

Pomegranate spritz and our Venetian solstice menu

After 5:00 pm, you can feel the sun rays getting flatter and less hot on Solstice Day in Venice. Parts of Riva degli Schiavoni are now tucked into refreshing shade, so it’s a good time to start exploring my favorite area in town. 

Camminando sotto i glicini – The Venetian Wisteria Walk

Looking up in Venice these days is a must because the purple blossom season is in full swing. In mid-April Venice is enveloped in the fragrant cascades of il glicine – wisteria. I mean, literally enveloped. Above you can see one of my favorite wisteria plants covering a building on Campo San Giacomo dall’Orio. Since I was a […]

April blossoms and spring in the Lagoon of Venice

Spring in Venice comes early and you can notice its first signs by mid-February. It’s not just the narcissi and primrose plants you see pop up in the fiorerie (flower stores) and on the balconies, it’s the season of mimosa blossoming (take a look at mimosa pictures in Venice in this blog article). March and April bring […]

How the exotic plants came to Venice

I took the pictures for this article on a morning in early November. Fall seemed to arrive earlier than last year. With the leaves wilting they make way for us to spot something else. During the warm season, it’s hiding behind the foliage but now, something stands out evergreen and emerald. Solitary and exotic plants attract our eyes. You wouldn’t […]

Harvesting Blossoms and the Ancient Perfume Manufacturers in Venice

Early fall is a boon for gardeners in Venice. Rainy weather and cooler temperatures allow plants and vegetables to thrive in the moist Lagoon. Farther south, for example on the Amalfi Coast, autumn is considered a second spring – la primavera in autunno. That’s also true for Venice to some extent. Early fall is the main harvest […]

Come & Have Breakfast with us in Venice

I call these days of late summer le giornate balsamiche.  They are so calm and the light is different as the angle of the sun rays is changing. You notice there’s more dew (rugiada) on the blossoms, otherwise the flower beds are rather dry here. It looks dry and will remain so until mid-autumn when cooler weather sets […]


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