Camelias and Carnevale

carnival in venice – updates

Carnevale virtual tour

Enjoy this virtual tour by our friend Igor Scomparin, showing you around the Bacino di San Marco on 19 February 2021. Video replay, takes 1 hour 40 minutes to watch.

Carnveale 2022

The Program

Don’t forget about the future is the theme to which Carnevale 2022 is all dedicated. Below, you can find the official website and complete program in English.

Culinary Treats

Carnevale del gusto takes you to Venetian restaurants that during Carnival offer historical menus and wine tastings. Read more below (Italian but we will havea blog post on this in English)

Restaurant Recommendations 2022

Bistrot de Venise

The first stop to taste historical menus in Venice, and during Carnival, I love their crema rosada – rose cream desserts.

Conca d’Oro

On Campo San Filipo e Giacomo, they prepare gold-plated pizzefor Carnival, based on the ancient recipes for focacce in Venice.

Amo Venezia

Set in the Fondaco dei Tedeschi overlooking the Grand Canal, you can experience a luxurious tea ceremony during Carnival.


Hidden in a garden under a mighty wisteria, this is a newcomer in venice. And in my opinnoin, the most colorful restaurant I’ve ever seen.

Dinner Show

By Antonia Sautter: The menu of a special banquet, immersed in purple and light blue, which took place in Venice on 19 February 2022.

Accounts to follow for updates

Igor’s Page

Our friend Igor Scomparin posts several updates on Carnival per day, plus images of le maschere – masks.

La Venessiana

Regular updates with background stories, culinary treats, recipes, menus, artisan portraits.

Carnevale in 1981

take a journey back in time and view a secretive venice