Brunch on the Terrace: Hotel Monaco e Gran Canal

Today I would like to show you a wonderful place in Venice where you could enjoy breakfast in the spring sun. They also serve colazione all’americana – or rather the Venetian way of making American breakfast. I know, we’re expected to have caffé e cornetto (cafe and croissant) for breakfast, and that’s probably true for 200 days of the year.

When offered ham and eggs, panini, marmalade, fig and cherry jam and honey, a basket of home-made muffins at Ristorante Gran Canal, Venetians will be very tempted !!  Here I could sit for hours on end and bask in the sun.

While Grandmother Lina would never eat ham and eggs for breakfast (she loves panino al burro e caffé latte al cardamomo – white bread and butter, sometimes strawberry or raspberry jam and milk coffee flavored with cardamom), here’s my secret space for a time-out in the midst of Venice.

Enjoying the sun on this wind screened terrace overlooking Bacino di San Marco. The sun is very strong as the light effect is doubled when sun rays are reflected on the water. It’s wonderful to listen to the bells of the Campanile di San Marco and the sounds the gondolas make on the water. Here we are next to the vaporetto station San Marco and a few steps from the Giardinetti Reali. In spring, the voices of blackbirds and sea gulls fill the air.

Of course this isn’t the only place where you can enjoy a breakfast buffet all’americana in Venice. The classical ham and eggs dish in Venice comes with two eggs, three slices of ham, fried in butter and olive oil, and …

Our spice mixture for ham and eggs consists of coarse sea salt, ground black pepper, chili flakes and dried or fresh leaves of wild oregano from Calabria. Just spread a bit of it on the ham and eggs plate and across the salad that comes with it, tomatoes and arugula leaves. You won’t need salad dressing !!

2 responses to “Brunch on the Terrace: Hotel Monaco e Gran Canal”

  1. The Slow Pace Avatar

    I love Italian breakfasts (cornetti are delicious!) but a lazy brunch overlooking Gran Canal… that’s a dream!

    1. Iris Avatar

      Brunch on the Grand Canal is a dream !! They bake cornetti at the restaurant every morning – so fresh and soft

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