Carnival in Venice: Itineraries, Secrets, Food, Fashion


I’m taking you back to the Carnevale of my childhood, the 1990s in Venice. And from there, we start exploring. The authentic Carnival isn’t loud but mute, purple, wintry, powdery, elegant and loving. We eat forgotten cakes popular five hundred years ago. It’s a time of exploring our Venetian roots and identity. And we thought it was time to invite you behind its scenes.

Let’s take a look at forgotten itineraries, secret spots and coffee recipes, and the secret language of the masks, and the fashion color code of Carnival! Enjoy this book, sit back and cozy, sipping one of the hot soul food drinks which come as a gift with this special book of the series My Little Black Book on Venice!

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What’s in your ebook?

  • Chapter One: Carnival myths, legends, and origins. How Carnival lifestyle shaped Venetian fashion for centuries. A style challenge, helping you to choose your perfect outfit for Carnival, and dress in the elegant Venetian manner.Chapter Two: The secret language of Carnival gowns and masks. Learn to choose your Carnival gown and the secret Venetian color code. Discover the basics of Venetian fashion style through the centuries, and a special challenge!
  • Chapter Three: A night out, participating in a sumptuous Carnival Banquet. Culinary Carnival Guide and Recipe section. How to create your own Carnival banquet based on historical Venetian recipes. The original recipes for frittelles, zaleti, Venetian coffee, spice tea and more Carnival treats.
  • Chapter Four: The Venetian Carnival calendar and guide to Carnival events. Carnival itinerary for beginners and frequent visitors. Culinary guide and restaurant tips for  breakfast, lunch, dinner and coffee break.
  • Chapter Five: More resources on Carnival in Venice and a Venetian Carnival movie!

5 Chapters. 70 pages. First published on 15 February 2019.

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