Venice in Seven Steps

Venice. Jungle-like gardens. Exotic plants. Blossoms. Spices. Venice, the botanical capital of Europe. Introducing culinary and lifestyle trends in other countries of Europe, since the Merchants the 11th century.

From coffee to salt, sugar, wine, olive oil to exotic spices and fragrant pastries. Start reading “Seven Steps to Discovering Venice” right away !


Contents – Seven Steps to Discovering Venice

  1. Introducing Venice and our lifestyle
  2. Why is the Lagoon so important for the existence of Venice
  3. About the Venetian spice gardens
  4. The forgotten secrets of Venetian cosmetics, natural remedies and perfumery
  5. Introducing the Venetian food culture
  6. A sea of spices, coffee and chocolate
  7. Slow rituals, outlook, the future and the (Venetian) wisdom of life
  8. Further reading & useful links