Coffee in Venice

Learn to make coffee like we do in Venice and enjoy a virtual coffee break :-) We have prepared an e-guide on coffee life in town. Coffee has become an essential part of our culture. The art of coffee-making is long-standing – 206 coffee shops were counted all over Venice in the year 1783 !

 This 25-page eguide is our gift to you.



Learn about our coffee traditions. Which types of coffee we buy and where. What a real Venetian breakfast looks like (you won’t expect it 🙂 ), and where you get it.  How we make cappuccino, caffé latte and three more types of coffee so typically Venetian. Our favorite coffee recipes, and where to taste them. All about Venetian croissants and a VERY special cake …

Enjoy this little guide whenever you want a little pick-me-up, or use it to plan your day in Venice :-)