Bespoke Venice Shop

From the beginning, we envisaged La Venessiana as platform sharing Venetian lifestyle, culinary heritage and useful know-how of the past, with the ultimate aim of supporting responsible tourism in town. Venetians are hosts, and in this role we are responsible for the offer we create to help visitors discover the real Venice.

We are now one step farther in our journey! From summer 2018, we offer BESPOKE VENICE, a growing set of full-immersion resources for responsible travelers, explorers and food lovers and all who wish to support Venice.

If you’d like to learn more about Venice, see her with Venetian eyes and support her residents at the same time, we invite you to join in! We are striving to create rewarding experiences for you, the BESPOKE VENICE series of ebooks, workshops, online courses, virtual retreats, gifts and bonuses.

Twenty per cent of revenues go to Venetian social initiatives contributing so much to supporting residents in difficulty and homeless animals. True, these are small-scale initiatives and projects compared to others created for Venice as a whole. We chose to suppor them because they focus on individuals in need while promoting inclusiveness.


This is how the BESPOKE VENICE series aims to support responsible travelers. 01: Download the Welcome to Venice Package. Step 02: Choose your favorite Bespoke Experiences to dig deeper.

This is how the BESPOKE VENICE series aims to support social initiatives in town. Getting started in summer 2018, we share 20 per cent of revenues from the Bespoke Venice series

Why do we call these projects bespoke Venice? Bespoke means, and that’s the adjective I’d use to describe a city like Venice. Venice never ceases to take in visitors, and her colors and reflections change every minute of the day. Yet, Venice has also got a bespoke and surprising stories to share! Only by understanding these stories can Venice survive, for it’s also important to live up to her true vocation. So, the final destination is out of the question. This is a breathing and living city, and it’s now up to us to help her survive. We found that supporting responsible tourism and inhabitants in need is a first step to contribute, even if in a small way.