Bespoke Venice Series

From the beginning, we envisaged La Venessiana as platform supporting responsible tourism in Venice, by sharing stories on Venetian lifestyle, culinary heritage and useful know-how of the past. As hosts, we Venetians are responsible for the kind of offers we create for visitors.

At La Venessiana, we are now one step farther in our journey! From summer 2018, we offer BESPOKE VENICE, a growing set of full-immersion resources for responsible travelers, explorers, food lovers, and all of you who wish to support Venice.

If you’d like to learn more about Venice, see her with Venetian eyes and support her residents at the same time, we invite you to join and discover the BESPOKE VENICE series of ebooks, workshops, online courses, virtual retreats, gifts and bonuses.

Twenty per cent of revenues go to Venetian social initiatives, supporting residents in difficulty and homeless animals. These are small-scale initiatives, focusing on people in need while promoting inclusiveness.


 Why do we call these projects BESPOKE VENICE? Bespoke means made to order; tailored; custom-made; tailor-made; written or adapted for a special user. To us, bespoke also has this exclusive connotation. VENICELAND is out of the question. We found that supporting responsible tourism and residents in need is a first step we can contribute to support Venice individually, on a small-scale.


Online from August 2018

For Slow Travelers and All Who Love Venice: Seven Steps to Discovering Venice

Immerse yourself into the (hi)story of Venice and see the city and Lagoon with Venetian eyes! Our online course SEVEN STEPS TO DISCOVERING VENICE, is a voyage back and forth in time, providing you with five essential tools to benefit from your stay and gain exclusive insights into Venetian lifestyle, cuisine and history.

This is a new approach to telling the story of Venice to our visitors, complete with workbooks, checklists, travel planner and your personal travel journal. Chapter One: Understanding Venice & Telling the Story of Venice from Scratch, will be online on 28 July 2018!

Blueberries, Figs and Salicornia: A Summer Weekend in Venice. Gifts from a Venetian Kitchen: Our first virtual retreat opens in August 2018. Learn to cook seasonal, energizing, rejuvenating and delicious dishes from Venice, based on herbs, blossoms and spices.