New in july 2023

Nonna Lina’s Book of Summer

Summer is grandmother’s favorite season, and the reason for this is its scents and the sounds. Especially in the early morning, as she’d be up by 5 am. And then, my favorite childhood memories include the smell of coffee coming from the kitchen, and the freshly banana-blueberry cake eaten on the terrazza, the air still limpid with a hint of cool.

In this book, we invite you to spend a summer day with us: From breakfast in the garden, to a walk towards the Rialto Market, passing by the refreshing courtyard of San Giorigo dei Greci. And then, a light lunch under the pergola, and cool drinks Nonna made from the blossoms in her garden. This e-book will be available in July 2023.

Floral Venice

A concise guide to the gardens in Venice, garden atlas and the fascinating story of the spice gardens in the Lagoon.

La Festa del Redentor

Nonna Lina’s menu for the Redentore Feast in July. And its surprising background that changed Venetian history forever.

Purple Solstice

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