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Breakfast in Venice & Casanova’s Summer Chocolate


Imagine Piazza San Marco lined with 16 coffee houses in the year 1659 !!! But what remains today of the 206 cafes that were counted in Venice by the year 1750?

The coffee house tradition is still kept up in Venice and in an excellent manner as you will see: A typical coffee house, luxurious and in a prominent position, is a nice place to sit and chat, warm up or cool down and digest the exuberant impressions you come across in Venice in each and every corner.  Read More

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A Dreamy Summer on Torcello


This is the tale of two islands, or rather, two realities, one superseding the other. You have just arrived on Torcello, walking the short distance from the vaporetto stop towards the sprawling grassy piazza around which the landmark sights of Torcello are grouped. That is, what is still visible today of this island’s landmarks. Two ancient churches, several homes turned into museums, an antics store, the archeological zone and of course, there’s also Locanda Cipriani.   Read More