August in Venice Moodboard and Travel Tips

August means vacation time in Venice … for the Venetians !

Many Venetians will have left Venice by the end of July, and those remaing in the city usually spend hours on end at the Lido beaches or on secret ones in the Lagoon that you can reach by private boat. Most won’t be back until after Ferragosto (celebrated on 15 August) in time for the Regata Storica taking place on the first Sunday in September.

Mimosa Albizia and the feel of August in Venice

Our favorite mimosa silk tree,Β mimosa albizia, is still blossoming despite the heat of August and you can enjoy its lemon-balmy scent in the early morning light around 7:30 am. I took these pictures a few days ago on Campo della Bragora against a deep blue and pink morning sky. After all, in late August, what Grandma calls “The Fifth Season” starts and it begins to show in deep and clear colors.

The Silk Tree on Campo della Bragora

These days, you can enjoy the wonderful fragrance of silk tree blossoms mixed with white oleanders. A scent of vanilla and lemon balm is hovering over Venice. The feathery leaves of the silk tree are soft to the touch but don’t wince when you touch them. It’s a rather small tree you might easily pass by, for this year it’s a bit less grand than it was last year, due to the heat and a few hefty thunderstorms …

Balmy morning before it gets really hot …

Tempo di Solleone – How to spend August in Venice

Many visitors shun this hottest month of the year in Venice, but in our opinion, that needn’t be if you know how to carefully plan your day. If you’ve never been to Venice during August, do check out our picture postΒ Five Things to Do in Venice during the Ferragosto Week …Β  From now until end-August, shop windows are protected by white curtains and life is going on inside. We’ve collected a bit of advice on how to deal with the heat in Venice in this blog post: You know it is summer in Venice when …

The Taste of August, Honey-Lavender Gelato and all about Venetian summer fruit cakes

La Venessiana is taking a little summer break while we are relaxing at the Lido Beaches :-) and in the evenings, continue work on La Venessiana’s Spice Atelier, Roses and Spices.Β Here’s a little preview for you. But before we go, we’ll send out a Summer Newsletter in time for Ferragosto – make sure you sign up below to receive yours via email. We’ll also share a few refreshing summer recipes from Venice, like our home-made Lavender-Honey Gelato !

We’ll be back in the first week of September with new blog features and a refreshed look ! You can always reach us here if you have questions on Venice. Have a wonderful summer !


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