For you – Armchair Traveler & Friend

It’s probably you, the armchair traveler, and you, the first-time visitor, to whom I feel a particular bond. Perhaps to understand Venice it’s best to do it from a distance before you decide that the time for a visit has come. We can’t be there all the time, but then, there are so many things that Venice shares with us and that you can benefit from, even if you are not in Venice.

So now, let me introduce you to Venice, and it’s a very special honor for us help you shape a first impression. On the one hand, it’s always nice to be prepared but then I think Venice is a very special place and it’s impossible to be prepared. It’s like stepping into another world. Promised. So here are the four resources we suggest you view and immediately travel to Venice !

#1 Take a look at this video made by Rene Caovilla. It’s invaluable.

To me, this is the most beautiful video I’ve ever seen on Venice. You might also take a look at their artisan shoe shop here. In the video, you travel back and forth in time. Cross the borders between the past and the present without effort. That’s what you can expect from Venice.

#2 Did you enjoy this visual treat ? Second comes the background to all what you have just seen.

In the Welcome Kit, you can read the background to all the views you’ve just seen in this special video. Click on the picture and download it !

#3 Browse our book reviews on Venice here. These webcams take you immediately to Venice.

Have questions – do ask here ! Do return to this page as we will be adding more resources every month !