Anima Veneziana – A new film unveils the radiant soul of Venice

Imagine there was a Venice, all radiant, lively, and magical colors, unscathed by overtourism and floods? Just fiction or an overlooked reality? The good news is that this vibrant city is the true Venice beyond her iconic sights. Anima Veneziana, a film project created by Monica Cesarato during the Covid-19 lockdown in spring, will take viewers into this magical city and energetic water world. What a stark contrast to the images of Venice prevailing in the past few years, featuring issues rather than opportunities.

Monica Cesarato is a Venetian blogger and owner of Cook in Venice. For years, she’s been taking visitors to explore the unexpected Venice, presenting ancient arts and crafts, markets and culinary culture. And in the post-lockdown period, it seems like Monica has been reading the minds of fellow Venetians, longing to show a brighter image of Venice to the world, this city speaking a clear language of hope and change.

Anima Veneziana – Crowdfunding for a film project made in Venice. Images by Monica Cesarato.

As Monica says, there’s so much to see and learn about Venice: A city whose ancient soul and heritage live on beyond the beaten paths in vibrant calli and calleselle, courtyard gardens, and on the rooftop world of altane and liagò. Venice is filled with small wonders and neighborhoods sparkling with life!

Anima Veneziana is supported by the ABCOnlus Cultural Organization, and within two weeks already received wide coverage in the national and international press, from the local Gazzettino to Forbes Magazine.

The film will be made entirely in Venice by an experienced Venetian team: Monica Cesarato (blogger, owner of Cook in Venice), Romena Brugnerotto (tour guide and blogger), Federico Bizzarini (film director) and Lorenzo Pezzano (director of photography). ABCOnlus also organizes the Crowdfunding Campaign.

I spoke with Monica about the project and the sparkling sides of Venice that Anima Veneziana will unveil:

Monica: Anima Veneziana will show the life of shopkeepers, children playing in the campi, glass masters and fishermen, artisans, and so much more. Venice is alive and kicking, made of people not just buildings! We want to show the world that Venice deserves to be visited for more than 48 hours, and in a very different way. In three square kms, so many interesting things are packed: Over 100 churches, over 40 museums and exhibitions, artisans, and cultural and enogastromical experiences.

Anima Veneziana will be created by means of a Crowdfunding Campaign: Not a collection of clips taken with a mobile phone but a professional and emotional film produced in two versions: A shorter one, distributed for free on the internet for everyone to watch and use, and a long version to be presented at national and international film festivals.

The Crowdfunding Campaign started on 15 July and is structured into four stages: People can donate as little as EUR 10, any amount will help! We will raise money until the prefixed goal of each stage has been reached, and donors will receive regular updates on the progess the film is making. Donations above EUR 100 receive a voucher to be spent in Venice with the Venetian partners who support the project.

Our wish is to bring back to the city visitors who really want to learn about Venice and its history, and who aren’t just ticking places off their list: Anima Veneziana will show what these visitors will find provided they stay for more than just a few hours.

Anima Veneziana was born during the lockdown in May 2020 and will unveil the real Venice, one of the most vibrant and resilient cities in the world.

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