La Venessiana – The Fragrant World of Venice, founded as food art and garden blog in 2011, features the culinary heritage of Venice, the secret city, gardens and garden food, Lagoon islands, and the work of artisans. We offer e-guides, virtual tours, retreats and online classes covering the historical recipes for food, natural remedies and perfumery of the Republic of Venice: Original recipes published between the 13th and 18th century, surprisingly un-Venetian at first sight, because they use herbs, blossoms and spices in unusual combinations.

Our purpose is to bring a dream city alive, Venexia told from the female perspective: A tribute to Venetian grandmothers and the important lessons we learn from them.

There’s so much to show and tell about the culinary heritage of Venice, gardens and garden food, Lagoon islands, and the work of artisans of our ancient Byzantine city and its unique history and lifestyle.

Lina is 98 years old, a member of the Cavalieri di San Marco and Venetian hotelier who founded three restaurants dedicated to authentic Lagoon cuisine. Lina’s granddaughter Iris is an environmental specialist in the financial sector. She wrote her thesis on the ecology and urbanization of the Venetian Lagoon and loves developing recipes in her spare time, based on historical Venetian cookbooks.

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Venetian cuisine is based on the moon and tide cycles: A seasonal way of cooking, using herbs, produce and fruit foraged in the Lagoon, or cultivated in one of the many secret herb gardens and orchards. The other essential ingredients of Venetian cooking are spices. Join us and discover Venetian flavors and their stories in our new Membership, Laguna in Cucina: