Inspiring you to travel consciously

Today’s way of going on vacation is often far from sustainable. Minimizing one’s environmental foodprint is essential in the short term, and that also refers to visiting historical cities like Venice and the unique habitat in which the city is located, the Lagoon. A Lagoon like ours is a good example to discover how the different forces of climate and man-made changes interact. La Venessiana (“The Venetian”) shares ideas for you to travel in a conscious manner, as precondition for mid-term change. We also offer opportunities for you to learn from home about Venice and the Lagoon, an efficient way to streamline and optimize your experience on-site.

Be our personal guest and choose from our online experiences and e-guides to prepare your trip in an environmentally conscious way. We also offer support to plan your stay to ensure it’ll be tailored to your interests and needs.

Going on a (virtual) tour with La Venessiana enables you to travel in the most sustainable way possible, contributing to protecting the Lagoon, and supporting local businesses.


And then, overtourism, a horrid flood and economic crisis struck Venice, a city revolving almost exclusively around tourism. We understood that Venice was in for fundamental change, also in the way the city is viewed by her visitors. And so we started defining and collecting ideas to refocus on other activities besides tourism, like arts and crafts, green techniques amd of course, sustainability concepts for tourism and protection of the Lagoon. Showing you this other Venice, in an ecologically friendly way, is our purpose on La Venessiana.

What can La Venessiana do for you?

We believe it’s time to support new concepts as lifeline for the city, including sustainable tourism and environmental protection.

The authors of La Venessiana are Lina and Iris. Nonna Lina is member of Cavalieri di San Marco and a Venetian hotelier, chef, and expert in authentic Venetian cuisine. Her granddaughter Iris is an environmental and sustainable finance professional. She also wrote her thesis on safeguarding Venice and the Lagoon from an ecological point of view.

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