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Ma come si vive a Venezia?

There’s a living and breathing city hiding behind the characteristic red brick facades of Venice. Start exploring the private Venice with us!

Iris and Lina started La Venessiana in June 2015 as online travel guide for responsible residents and visitors to Venice. We share seasonal travel tips and itineraries, food, culture and shopping guides.
How La Venessiana helps you explore Venice

Tools and Resources for Responsible Residents and Visitors


Take a virtual glimpse into secret gardens in Venice and the Lagoon.


Explore Venetian food trends, historical recipes and ancestral dishes.


Explore the history, culture, arts, crafts and fashion style in Venice.

Our Spice and Garden Atelier in Venice will open soon!

You will see Lina’s private oasis and kitchen herb garden, a rambling herb, flower and kitchen garden arranged on several levels and roof terraces.

See our online classes

Explore Venice and Her Edible Treasures: How a historical city, her culture and heritage may act as role model for lifestyle and food culture in our times.

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Press and Media

Download our Press and Media Kit and see our collaboration partners: Tourist offices, travel magazines and agencies, hotels, restaurants, artists, historians, travel and food writers.


La Venessiana behind the scenes

What is your motivation to write about Venice, a city too much has been written upon?

We write to introduce Venice from a perspective of a family who have been living here since the year 915 AD. We want to discuss the potential and opportunities of a historical city like Venice with readers and guests.

Why should visitors explore Venetian history?

We cannot turn back time but we are convinced that learning more about Venetian history may help explain the political landscape of Europe today.

Why did you explore the culinary heritage of Venice?

The merchants and spice masters of Venice significantly influenced European culinary culture. This is the healing kitchen that made Venice famous in Europe for more than 1,200 years.

What else do you show us about Venice?

One half of Venice is public, and this also includes those areas of Venice “off the beaten path”. In particular, we show you glimpses of the other half of Venice, the private city. And we take you into favorite restaurants, hotels, gardens, ateliers and shops!

You are a social business. Whom do you support?

30 per cent of revenues from our e-books, magazines and online classes go to support social causes in Venice (Dingo – caring for homeless cats, Caffé Sospeso, Onlus, etc.)

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  1. I’m so pleased to have recently discovered your site. Venice is a favourite place of mine, I’ve been a few times and we have recently booked to spend the entire month of October there. I’m very excited about this! thank you for all the information on your site which will be most useful for us and I look forward to your updates. best wishes jj

    1. Dear Jackie, so nice to meet you here! October is a good time to visit Venice, it’s usually quite warm, just right to go for long walks. We are updating the blog 1-2 times a week, and if there’s a topic you would like to read more about, please get in touch! best wishes, Iris

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