Venetian residents Iris and Lina started La Venessiana – A Glimpse of Venice from the Female Perspective in June 2015 as blogzine for responsible visitors, and especially for female travelers.

Blogging about Venice in times of overtourism is changing, though. Tourists outnumber their hosts by far. We understand that in our digital times, people may search the adventure in their spare time, being free and unconnected and diving fully into another world. And Venice does offer this, a glimpse into what life must have been in an unknown past, like 500 years ago. A forgotten quality in life for many of us, and a different lifestyle, detached from car traffic jams. As I’m writing on the back cover of Dream of Venice Architecture, outwardly, Venetians who lived here 500 years ago would still recognize their city today. I get it that you would like to see it too. But with this comes a fascinating history ..

This is why we share resources with you to really discover Venice, and that goes far beyond a visit: While we do have travel, shop and restaurant tips for you, we also include Venetian stories. Those of the longest-lived nation state in the world, and how we can benefit from her heritage today, weaving past wisdom into contemporary lifestyle.

Only Venetians can tell these stories, so I’m very grateful to my grandmother Lina that she’s joining me here on the blog, sharing her stories of living in Venice And glimpses of secret gardens and forgotten recipes. So come along and let’s get started!

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Our Spice and Garden Atelier in Venice will open soon!

You will see Lina’s private oasis and rambling kitchen garden, arranged on several levels and roof terraces.

Venice and her Edible Treasures

Online soon: Get all the details to prepare your visit to Venice, secret itineraries, recipes and more to experience the city in a responsible way. .

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