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Benvenuti – Welcome to La Venessiana – the Fragrant World of Venice! We are Iris and Lina, your hosts who founded La Venessiana in June 2015 as social business and online guide to slow lifestyle and ancient Venetian food culture. We share resources and tools helping travelers benefit from Venetian lifestyle and support our city at the same time.

Life in Venice is a unique, healthy and slow experience. See how we live behind the scenes on the blog and in our upcoming courses and books, told and photographed from the Venetian perspective. This is about Venetian spirit, warmth, innovation and creativity.

In a 1,600-year-old city counting 35+ million visitors in 2017, traveling responsibly is a huge topic, the decisive issue determining whether Venice will survive. Less than 57,000 people live here while on average, 77,000 tourists arrive every day. There are a few things to consider before you go and in particular, focus and clarity of what you want to see during your stay.

#1 Travel responsibly + support Venice, the Lagoon and the Venetians

We must take care of Venice more if we want her to survive and flourish. On La Venessiana, we help you plan an unforgettable stay and support our city at the same time. In addition to reading or weekly posts on the slow travel blog, download the free Welcome to Venice Kit and subscribe to our monthly email magazine, Postcard from Venice. Our signature online course, Travel Venetian, ebooks and virtual retreats are available from summer 2018.

#2 Benefit from historical Venetian recipes: Food, beauty, natural remedies

For 800 years, Venice coined European food culture as trading hub for exotic spices and culinary knowledge of the Levant. Since 2001, we have been collecting historical Venetian recipes and favorites from family recipe journals. Join us on LA SPEZERIA, our spice atelier, set in Lina’s lush garden, and discover the secret world of Venetian herbs and spices in our new virtual culinary retreats, ebooks and online classes (from mid-July 2018).

PS: The images on this page show Lina’s garden home overlooking Campo San Zaccaria. Starting in 1968, Lina created a lush and flowering gardenscape, reviving the spirit of the oldes convent garden in Venice, founded in the 4th century.

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  • I’m so pleased to have recently discovered your site. Venice is a favourite place of mine, I’ve been a few times and we have recently booked to spend the entire month of October there. I’m very excited about this! thank you for all the information on your site which will be most useful for us and I look forward to your updates. best wishes jj

    • Dear Jackie, so nice to meet you here! October is a good time to visit Venice, it’s usually quite warm, just right to go for long walks. We are updating the blog 1-2 times a week, and if there’s a topic you would like to read more about, please get in touch! best wishes, Iris