La Venessiana – The Fragrant World of Venice was founded by two Venetian women, Grandmother Lina and Iris in June 2015. We write about life in the midst of a 550 km² Lagoon, telling its beauty but also about its issues and how we deal with them. Most of all, we share Venetian food trends and recipes, packed in stories conjuring up the exotic and fragrant history of Venice, a spice-trading nation for more than 1,300 years.

Meet Us


Grandmother Lina grew up on the northern shores of the Lagoon and moved back to Venice in April 1945 to resume her life in Venice after the ravages of the war. She’s been a cooking instructor for all of her life, opening three restaurants and hotels in Venice. On 23 December 2017, she looks forward to celebrating her 95th birthday. You can find all her wisdom and experience of a lifetime in Venice in this blog and in our new food section, Roses and Spices, online from 20 June 2017.


Iris studied Venetian history and language and wrote her master thesis on “Ecology and Urbanization of the Lagoon of Venice”. She grew up in Venice but now lives and works in Vienna,  visiting her Venetian family and friends as often as she can :-) In her sparetime, she writes the articles for La Venessiana and prepares her book  “Roses and Spices” and special workshops on Venetian food styling (program will be online soon). She loves photography, food styling, creating recipes and supporting organic food start-up businesses.

We divided our Blog “La Venessiana” into two portions. First, we share background information on Venice in our blog sections Venetian stories and Discovering Venice in Seven Steps.

Second, we take you for a virtual visit into private Venetian homes, gardens and of course, kitchens :-) We will share Lina’s recipes in our new blog section “Roses and Spices“, online from 20 June 2017.  We also tell about visits to secret Venetian gardens organized by Iris’ friends, Anna and Giuseppe who founded the Venetian Instatellers & Feel Veneto Group. And of course, we love Breakfast in Venice – click here for our Venetian Breakfast Journal (online from 20 June 2017).

Would you like to see Lina’s home and garden in Venice ? Take a first glimpse here !

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  1. Thank you! I love the article on your Blog describing Venice during Carnival! Wonderful suggestions, love all the restaurants and cafes you recommended ☺

  2. Hello Lina and Iris, loved reading your profile. Thank you for dropping by my blog because I got a chance as as a result to come across yours. Looking forward to following your blogging journey. Cheers.

    1. Hi, so nice to meet you! Thanks for getting in touch, we look forward to reading your blog!

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