Imagine your grandmother gifts you 22 cooking journals and a cupboard filled with books about Venice, written in Latin, Greek, and Venet. And – she gives you access to her library, located in the guesthouse of Venice’s oldest monastery!

This is how the story of La Venessiana began sometime in the early 2000s .. me uncovering the stories about Nonna’s house and garden in the heart of Venice, where I grew up. The house felt very special to me since I was a child, like it was hiding secrets inside its walls and in the small garden laid out in fascinating way: A giardino pendente, a hanging garden consisting of a lush courtyard and sprawling terraces and liagò connected via wrought-iron staircases. A garden labirinth, so to say.

The garden – to which we also dedicated this magazine – is where we start, telling the story of Venice for residents and visitors. We write in English to reach as many readers as possible! La Venessiana means “The Venetian woman”, dedicated to Nonna Lina, a Venetian hotelier. She and I started this blog together on an impulse in summer 2014. At that time, Nonna was renovating her home and asked me to take photos to show her progress to clients and friends near and far. Which is why La Venessiana started with a home tour blog .. but soon, it we were answering questions about Venice our guests were asking, turning the blog into a personal journal and guide to Venice. Please click here join us and to get started!